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In 2024, we’re celebrating more than 30 years of success for our partners and clients, measured in billions.

What our clients are saying

“G+G hit it out of the park. They were tasked with creating a packaging strategy to take HGTV to the retail shelf. I can’t say enough about the professionalism and creativity of the G+G team. We look forward to continuing the relationship.”

Ron Feinbaum
EVP, Scripps Networks & HGTV

“G+G is one of the most creative companies I have ever worked with. Every encounter with G+G was thought-provoking, and their ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to problem-solving never failed to bring out the best ideas from every effort.”

Evan Hackel
President, Carpet One / CCA Global Partners

“After reviewing 15 different firms to help us with our brand positioning and marketing, we chose G +G. We were impressed with G + G’s past work as well as their deep knowledge and understand of our industry and customers. The work that G+G created was pure genius and incredibly innovative. The brand positioning was applauded by all of our customers and their work opened new doors of opportunity for us.”

Jason Epstein
CIO / VP of Strategy, Rafaella Apparel Group

“I’m extremely impressed with G+G’s lateral thinking and complete execution. They were extremely thoughtful and tasteful in developing solutions to new problems. This is refreshing.”

Doug Evans

“Best folks to work with, creative and sincere”

Wynnie Stein
Chef/Product Development
Moosewood Natural Foods