Banana Republic Donates Over $20 Million Of New Clothing To Americans In Need.

In Partnership with Nonprofit Delivering Good, Disadvantaged Americans Will Receive Banana Republic Clothing to Empower Their Future.

SAN FRANCISCO, California — As a brand that believes in freedom, equality and a life with no boundaries for all – not just some, Banana Republic aims to continue empowering people through clothing.

In response to the current crisis in America, Banana Republic Will Work for a Better Republic by donating more than $20 million of new clothing to those in need, including millions of unemployed Americans who need support getting back to work and getting back on their feet.

In partnership with Delivering Good – a nonprofit organization that unites retailers, manufacturers, foundations and individuals to support Americans affected by poverty and tragedy – Banana Republic will donate clothing to a variety of partner organizations in states that have been most impacted, including Hour Working Women Program in New York, Central City Neighborhood Partners in Los Angeles, Family Focus Englewood in Chicago, among others. This donation will help people as they build a brighter future.


G+G partners with DSGi to launch Electric Vehicle Company.

Simpler, more reliable, environmentally responsible and commercially affordable technology solutions.

SURREY, British Columbia — DSG Global, Inc. (OTC: DSGT) entered into an Advisory Service Agreement with New York based Graj + Gustavsen, Inc.

Under this five-year Agreement, G+G will provide DSG with strategic brand and business positioning, strategic marketing, concept development and ongoing strategic consulting services related to the growth and development of DSG’s golf technology, the expansion of its TAG technology into new verticals and the launch of Imperium Motor Company’s affordable electric vehicles into multiple channels. As part of the evolution of DSG Global, Inc., DSG Global will commence doing business as DSG/Imperium, or DSGi.

“We are now able to offer a scalable and fully integrated fleet management solution that can be fully customized to meet the needs of customers ranging from small businesses to large enterprises. We are in the process of completing the necessary licensing requirements, getting our San Francisco Bay Area EV Experience Center ready for viewing, and engaging third-party distributors,” said Rick Curtis, President of Imperium Motor Company.

Simon Graj. CEO of G+G, summarized the vision he shares with DSG as follows: “We consider DSG an innovation company with a shared purpose of designing and delivering simpler, more reliable, environmentally responsible and commercially affordable technology solutions. We are thrilled to be working with Bob and DSG to pursue these objectives.”


Kimberly Clark Launches La Vie Natural Feminine Care.

The first organic cotton top sheet pad and liner made from carefully sourced materials.

IRVING, Texas — Kimberly Clark Launches La Vie feminine products made from carefully sourced materials.

“Not only are our feminine products made from carefully sourced materials, but we’re also proud to say La Vie™ is the only organic cotton top sheet pad and liner made with a breathable Air Fit™ Cushion – giving you a close to-body-fit.”

Say hello to fast absorption and dryness, and goodbye to compromising your period protection. All La Vie products are made with an organically grown cotton top sheet and without chlorine*, fragrances and artificial dyes. Now that’s a reason to celebrate!”

*elemental chlorine


G+G Partners to Launch Manna Recipe App, Wefunder Campaign Begins.

The ultimate recipe app and cooking platform where utility meets community.

NEW YORK, New York — Inspired by the painstaking process of finding, understanding and using a recipe from the internet, Guy Greenstein thought there must be a better way to do this.

Guy’s mom is a Vegan, Kosher chef. He saw her working in her home kitchen with notebooks and post-it notes filled with recipes that had been modified. He figured there must be a better way. So, Guy called his best friend Josh, who called his sister, Rachel, who called David. Eventually, they all shook hands over a bowl of ramen and Manna was born. The family and friends team came together, like Sunday dinners at home.

• Food apps are divided between content and utility. We bridge that gap and empower the user.
• Manna is driven by young ambitious founders, with the leadership of a CEO with 40 years experience.
• Manna is built using top of the line tools. Most competitors solutions are built on legacy technology.
• Manna has a diversity of revenue streams. Unlike many tech companies, profitability comes first.
• Our brand is built by Graj and Gustavsen, which has 30 years of experience working with top brands.



Hurley Engages G+G for Strategic Brand Initiatives

The epicenter of all things Surf, Skate, Snow, Art, Music & Culture.

NEW YORK, New York — Bluestar Alliance, LLC (BSA) has gone forward to rebuild Hurley’s core infrastructure and has poised the brand for exceptional growth. Focusing on what Hurley represents, the new plan encompasses much of the original Hurley vision: to be the epicenter of all things Surf, Skate, Snow, Art, Music & Culture.

Earlier this year Hurley announced a restructuring of its corporate workforce to align its organization with the company’s go-forward strategy. According to CEO, Joseph Gabbay, “As part of this restructuring, 56 jobs were unfortunately eliminated. This was a very difficult decision that had to be made in order to implement a sustainable plan for long-term growth. We could not continue to replicate the prior model, but that does not mean we don’t respect the brand, it’s culture or the people that have helped build it. No one wants to have to make these difficult decisions, but they were necessary if Hurley was to go forward.“


7-Eleven’s Sips & Snacks Program Hinges on Healthy.

New portfolio of snack brands to be introduced this year.

IRVING, Texas — Introducing a new portfolio of snack brands to compete with established offerings is one way to be a category disruptor.

After a meticulous vetting process, 7-Eleven Inc. ushered in small, independent beverage and snack brands to the retail sets at 125 stores in the Los Angeles market—all part of its “Sips & Snacks That Love You Back” retail campaign. Prior to that spring, brands had a chance to impress 7-Eleven brass for eventual in-store placement during a two-day “Next Up” event, held in Irving, Texas.

In late October 2019, the chain launched the second round of the program, with the aim of adding smaller healthy-snack brands to store sets, due for arrival in 7-Eleven Los Angeles-based stores in 2020. For this second campaign, the program could expand beyond 125 units, the company said. While the initial program was confined to the Los Angeles metro area, the chain selected stores in 10 city demographic “neighborhoods,” which allowed the snack brands to garner trial diversely and holistically to measure performance across multiple demographic groups.


Food Network Kitchen App: Live Interactive Cooking

Live interactive cooking classes with Guy Fieri, Martha Stewart and others.

NEW YORK, New York — Introducing a new portfolio of snack brands to compete with established offerings is one way to be a category disruptor.

Discovery has announced it’s launching Food Network Kitchen, a subscription service app that will offer subscribers live, interactive cooking classes, as well as on-demand cooking classes, home food delivery, and thousands of recipes and videos. A purchase of Food Network Kitchen will also burnish the newly launched initiative Turn Up: Fight Hunger – a campaign in partnership with No Kid Hungry that aims to provide 1 billion meals to kids in the U.S.; one purchase of an annual subscription will provide up to 100 meals to kids living with hunger.

“As one of the largest media companies in the U.S., Discovery is privileged to be able to purposely give back to our communities and enact social change. Turn Up: Fight Hunger is a fantastic opportunity for us to use that power to help those in need across the country,” said David Zaslav, president and CEO of Discovery, Inc., in a press release. “Hunger is a pervasive issue in our country, one that is largely hidden in plain sight, but it is a problem that can be solved.”

Easy Spirit Reenergizes Brand Identity with New Mission and ‘Move For’ Advertising Campaign for Spring

Easy Spirit, the original women’s comfort footwear brand, is re-launching its brand and business with refreshed products, brand positioning, wholesale and ecommerce growth strategies, and communications platform.

One of HSN’s highest-profile and most inventive on-air celebrities, Joy Mangano, is leaving HSN.

One of HSN’s highest-profile and most inventive on-air celebrities, Joy Mangano, is leaving the home shopping spotlight. “She has been an important part of the family for many years, and her creativity has influenced us all,” said Mike Fitzharris, president of HSN. He said Mangano is “departing to pursue other professional opportunities.” Mangano, a self-made millionaire, is best known for inventing the Miracle Mop and launching it on QVC in 1992. 

Gemstone Spring: Sacred Living Spring Water.

Moonstone CBD Tea, made in small batches, is the perfect combination of the finest spring water on earth infused with the highest quality hemp extract available anywhere! We press the oil from organically grown whole hemp plants (with their naturally occurring full-spectrum cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, amino acids, and bioflavonoids) that are then made to be water-soluble. It is processed with very low heat (under 118°), so it’s a “Raw/Living” extract!

How Easy Spirit is Hitting Refresh to Target Younger Consumers

The label, now owned by Marc Fisher Footwear, is launching a multifaceted international campaign that includes refreshed brand positioning, logo, identity, digital presence and a return to TV advertising after 20 years.

Why a 35-year-old shoe brand is rebooting for the athleisure generation

Millennials and Gen Z are utterly obsessed with comfort, and Easy Spirit believes that if it modernizes both the brand and the shoes themselves, it can capture a much wider proportion of the market.

Easy Spirit Engages Graj + Gustavsen for Brand Strategy and Positioning

Iconic women’s comfort footwear brand Easy Spirit® has partnered with branding agency Graj + Gustavsen to develop a holistic positioning and brand strategy.

Graj + Gustavsen Appointed by IRONMAN

Strategic and creative brand and licensing consultancy to represent IRONMAN as well as the IRONKIDS and Iron Girl brands.

EcoTek360, Inc. Announces New Co-Chairman

President Chris Giordano stated “We are pleased to announce to our shareholders that Mr. Simon Graj will now serve as Co-Chairman along with myself to help guide our Company into the future. Simon is the Co-Founder of Graj and Gustavsen one of the world’s leading brand consultants.”

K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers Has Changed Its Name to Delivering Good

The re-branding will allow Delivering Good to better communicate its mission of delivering hope and dignity to people in need through community non-profit partners.

Supima Creates ‘Everyday Reimagined’ Ad Campaign

Supima’s new ad campaign offers a tight focus on the high-grade cotton through still-life images with four brands – Everlane, 3×1, Stance, and Casper.

Answering the Question: Retail Reality, What Now?

Four experts in the world of men’s fashion joined Karen Alberg Grossman, Editor in Chief of MR and mr-mag.com, to answer the probing question “Retail Reality: What Now” at a well-attended panel discussion at MRket/Project on Tuesday, January 24.

Graj + Gustavsen Helps Renovate This Old House.

Graj+Gustavsen was retained by This Old House Ventures for strategic positioning of the This Old House® brand across distribution vehicles including broadcast, digital, and print and to create a licensing platform for extending the brand into new consumer products and experiences.

Zanella Launches First E-Commerce Site

International men’s luxury clothing label Zanella has launched its first e-commerce website, in collaboration with creative agency King & Partners of New York City.

You’ll Never Guess Where This Cool, Trend-Driven, Affordable Line Is Sold

Kohl’s launched K/lab, a very right-this-minute collection that’s basically cribbed from your Instagram feed and created via an ultra-accelerated production cycle.

Kohl’s Introduces Its Own Millennial-Focused Answer to Fast Fashion

The department store has unveiled K/Lab: on-trend, data-informed, fast — “speed on steroids” — fashion.

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