Market Place is our client – always.

Our collective client.

It’s different now – radically different.

We are living in an era of enlightenment.

New breed of intelligence. The great awakening.

Matching up needs to supply without the middle man.

Brands are less valuable especially the middle brands.

You could say it is a wasteland. The middle that is.

Brand seduction and lifestyle marketed to be emulated is so so old school. The new breed of people want unique stuff, smart solutions for a 24/7 life.

Big brands are less important. But brands that are genuine, small and have a purpose beyond a transaction – easy to understand and enhance a person’s life, guide as good coaches are the new breed. You can’t market with seduction anymore – the new status is being yourself, your genuine self – authentic through and through. Empathy is a quality of status.

Wearing a 5K bag from LV – well not so much. We are connected and check in when we want assurance.

Small is the new big.