On the train home, I gaze over the seats. What do I see? A sea of gaming. Solitaire. Scrabble. Everyone needs a little break.

We live in an overwhelmingly intricate world. Every direct step we take gets deflected or postponed. We yearn to take slam-dunk actions, but direct hits are rare. Each score requires endless backboarding and rebounding. By contrast, gaming delivers an immediate, reliable, and very satisfying result.

In many cases, gaming is a distraction. In a growing way, it’s an opportunity to participate socially. We don’t just want to be affected. We want to have an effect: push a button and make a mark that others can acknowledge. Enjoy a little bit of a win in a public, albeit virtual public.

How can a brand “game” with consumers in respectful, meaningful, and invirgorating ways? Play unleashes great peace, satisfaction, and creativity. That intriguing mindset might be the “marketing with” engine of the future.

Gamifying activities with potential wins is a repeatable, go-to experience.