Occasionally I’m asked to share what guidepost “rules” we have learned in the recent past. Surely, the following list has its flaws, but these assertions underpin a lot of success we have seen…and shared in:

• True, sustainable success has to be scalable.

• Don’t think too much. Let it come to you. If the solution isn’t obvious, it’s not the right solution.

• Detachment empowers creativity. Innocence breeds the best ideas. Detach oneself from predetermined outcomes. Awareness is the heart of the new intelligence.

• Nurture a culture of discovery. This means starting with a clean slate and discarding the handicap of imposing “success formulas” that may be rooted in a now irrelevent past.

• The marketplace is in a state of rapid transformation from redundancy and complexity to innovation and simplification.

• Customer decision-making is rapidly moving from “buying for no particular reason” to “seeking purpose beyond the transaction.” From consuming products to consuming experiences and from seduction and the lure of image to respect and empowerment.

• The market is moving from demographic to psychographic, from an era where expectations have become extraordinary.