My magical mobile device can find anything I want. Any product, any brand, any place or a review amongst an endless spectrum. For marketers, speaking to individuals is not much different.

Sizing up people has been evolving from demographic, to psychographic, to behavioral, to all of those together. In the near future, the segmentation of groups = mass-marketing, is giving way to mass-customization, where the focus is on ONE individual at a time. Each with profile and passion that should not be treated as part of a bundle or niché bucket, but rather as individuals deserving special and personal attention and made possible by today’s tech advances.

When working with Harley-Davidson, what is still lighting up my imagination is the fact that when you buy a bike, it is only the first step of the experience. The question that is asked of every rider is, not only what kind of bike did you buy, but what did you do to it. Customized by the rider is what makes Harley-Davidson Co a brand that treats every customer in that special and unique way.

We are all originals.