On December, The Wall Street Journal ran an article observing that gas was now cheaper than milk. “At $2 a gallon, gasoline cost 1.6 cents an ounce. Milk costs about 2.6 cents an ounce.”

In one of his autobiographies, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins described a conversation that Dawkins’ wife Lalla had with astronaut Neil Armstrong during an airline flight to Tenerife, “They talked of many things, including the remarkable fact – vivid demonstration of Moore’s Law – that the total computer memory on board Apollo 11 (32 kilobytes) was a small fraction of the capacity of a Gameboy that Armstrong pointed out in the possession of a child in a neighboring seat.” Today you can pack away a gigabyte of storage on Google Cloud for (coincidentally) 2.6 cents a month!

Times change . . . and they change faster than ever before. The most dangerous relics in our own memory banks are the perilous assumptions we scarcely notice.